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hi.. it's nice to meet u!! how do you do? how did u find this?welcome to my little mess of a place where i'm still figuring everything out lol,, (aka this is a huge wip!!) things will be added as they go but,, have a little self introduction yeah? hi, my name is seri! i'm an english/east asian studies major and a huge weeb if u didnt notice already! i'm mostly into pokemon and aikatsu (hence the name of this site) and animal crossing, but i've been getting more into precure since my partner is into it. other than that uhh.. i write fanfiction and i edit videos sometimes...! i do translation both as a hobby and for freelancing. i listen to music eclectically and most things that u throw at me i probably will be okay with if not enjoy! anyway that's.. basically it? click around and u might find something that you're interested in!! have a good day ladies and gentlemen and my fellow nyanbinary pals! p.s. plz go pet my cat on my about page

meet my spix's macaws! they have no name but maybe they will soon~ made for me by puffugu many many years ago oof

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