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some things that i find helpful when dealing with stress, frustration, anxiety, and the like! everything here is just my own opinion: if you feel that you need it, please seek out a mental health professional who can help you.
  1. breathe and recenter yourself. find something solid that you can hold on to, it could be anything: a cup, a book, anything. use it as an anchor: focus on it for a few moments and nothing else. notice the pattern of your breath and make it regular: the exhalation should be longer than the inhalation. you are living in this moment and nowhere else.
  2. move to a different location. you don't have to go for a walk if you don't want to, i usually don't. just moving from the bed to the desk or standing up for a minute or two helps. pay attention to the space around you rather than within you. everything is okay, you're okay, it's going to be alright.
  3. do something that gives you comfort. i understand that you might not have the time to take a hot bath or to take an hour-long nap, so this can be something simple. drinking warm water can really help, or you can listen to a song that you find comforting or healing. you can eat a little something, like some bread or a sweet. the point is to help you ease your emotions a bit by returning to activities that feel like home.
  4. make a list of the things that you need to do. break it down to as small bits as you want to. once you've got it down, look through your list. this is the things that you have to do in words on a page. they are tasks only, not crushing waves or falling buildings. i believe in you and i know that you are capable. everything that is bad will definitely pass.
  5. one thing at a time. start working on your list and make sure you are only focusing on one thing at a time rather than thinking about the next one already. this will help your efficiency and also prevent you from feeling too overwhelmed. multitasking is cool but not when it's tearing you apart. you need to think about your own needs first.
  6. go easy on yourself. things are not always going to be ideal, and by nature something is always going wrong. if you make a mistake or you're not doing as well as you would like to, don't beat yourself up over it. sit down, think carefully about what went wrong, write it down if you want. then go look in a mirror or any reflective surface and tell yourself that you forgive yourself. this is your greatest power: to be kind to yourself. tell yourself that you will do better next time. but also recognise that some things are not within your control, and sometimes the situation is to blame rather than yourself or any other human agent. cut yourself some slack.
  7. life goes on and it's going to be okay. no rain, no flowers. you are much more powerful than you believe and you hold so much strength in your soul. you're doing so great and you should be proud of yourself (i certainly am proud of you!). it's a difficult world and you have come so far. if tomorrow doesn't sound promising to you, then just give yourself a hug for getting through today. find something nice today that makes you happy: is the weather nice outside? did your eyeliner come out perfect today? did you sleep a bit better last night? did you get to call a loved one earlier? or did you watch a cute cat video? it's going be alright. it might not feel okay now, but it will, and that's a promise.
you can dm me on twitter if you want someone to talk to! this isn't mine, but this minigame may be helpful if you need a distraction. u got this!

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